Tony Tuan Vu

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Microscale four-leaf clover-shaped structures are formed by self-assembly of anionic and cationic porphyrins. Depending on the metal complexed in the porphyrin macrocycle (Zn or Sn), the porphyrin cores are either electron donors or electron acceptors. All four combinations of these two metals in cationic tetra(N-ethanol-4-pyridinium)porphyrin and anionic(More)
This study is to take the advantage of shadow appearance in Standard Imagery produced from QuickBird for damage detection in urban areas. In a very complex scene of an urban area acquired from very high resolution satellite-based optical sensors, fortunately, the buildings tend to align in some dominant directions in a small area and posses geometric(More)
bstract. Letter-scanning cameras (LSCs) form the frontend imging systems for virtually all mail-scanning systems that are curently used to automatically sort mail products. As with any visionependent technology, the quality of the images generated by the amera is fundamental to the overall performance of the system. We resent novel techniques for objective(More)
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