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The monosyllabic work discrimination of normal and hearing-impaired children was evaluated in situations selected to simulate acoustical conditions in current educational environments. All listeners were tested in a high-fidelity (loudspeaker-aided) condition under 12 combinations of reverberation and noise. Hearing-impaired subjects were also evaluated in(More)
Nevirapine (NVP) is associated with hepatotoxicity in 1-5% of patients. In rodent studies, NVP has been shown to cause hepatic enzyme induction, centrilobular hypertrophy, and skin rash in various rat strains but not liver toxicity. In an effort to understand whether NVP is metabolized differently in a transiently inflamed liver and whether a heightened(More)
Both the iron-containing and the manganese-containing superoxide dismutases from Escherichia coli show diminished activity with increasing ionic strength, indicative of electrostatic facilitation of the catalyzed reaction. Since both enzymes bear a net negative charge at the assay pH, as does the substrate, this suggests a cationic locale in the active site(More)