Tony Szu-Hsien Lee

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BACKGROUND Methadone treatment was introduced in Taiwan in 2006 as a harm-reduction program in response to the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV), which is endemic among Taiwanese heroin users. The present study was aimed at examining the clinical and behavioral characteristics of methadone patients in northern Taiwan according to their HIV status. (More)
Antiretroviral therapy (ART) is known for its side effects. In this paper, we describe ART side effects as experienced by Chinese HIV+ individuals. This study presents two stages of a research project, combining qualitative in-depth interviews (29 HIV+ participants) with quantitative statistical data analysis (N = 120). All data was collected between July(More)
BACKGROUND This study examined long-term improvement of quality of life amongst heroin users enrolled in methadone maintenance treatment (MMT). METHODS The sample contained 553 heroin-dependent individuals from 4 hospitals in northern Taiwan who enrolled in MMT for an average of 184 days. Each patient signed a consent form and was assessed prospectively 3(More)
For many military and civilian large-scale, real-world systems of interest, data are first acquired asynchronously, i.e., at irregular intervals of time, at geographically-dispersed sites, processed utilizing decision-making algorithms, and the processed data then disseminated to other appropriate sites. The term real-world refers to systems under computer(More)
BACKGROUND Mental health problems in young people are an important public health issue. Students leaving their hometown and family at a young age to pursue better educational opportunities overseas are confronted with life adjustment stress, which in turn affects their mental health and academic performance. This study aimed to examine the relationships(More)
INTRODUCTION Considerable concern persists on tobacco use during perinatal periods. No study has simultaneously investigated the longitudinal association of paternal smoking with maternal and paternal depressive and anxiety symptoms during perinatal periods. METHODS In this prospective study, 533 couples (pregnant women and their husbands) completed 5(More)
BACKGROUND Substance misuse is associated with cognitive dysfunction. We used a stop signal task to examine deficits in cognitive control in individuals with opioid dependence (OD). We examined how response inhibition and post-error slowing are compromised and whether methadone maintenance treatment (MMT), abstinence duration, and psychiatric comorbidity(More)
OBJECTIVES To determine the safety of and immunogenicity induced by A/H1N1 influenza vaccination in patients with systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE). RESEARCH DESIGN AND METHODS The study population comprised 21 SLE patients and 15 healthy control subjects who underwent split-virion, inactivated monovalent A/H1N1 vaccination between December 2009 and(More)
BACKGROUND Previous research has shown that family interactions are associated with depressive symptoms in children. However, detailed classifications of family interaction types have not been studied thoroughly. This study aims to understand the types of family interactions children experience and to identify the specific types of family interactions that(More)
Well-being is an important indicator of an individual's quality of life, especially for retired people. In the present study, we investigated the psychological well-being (PWB) of retired Taipei (Taiwan) older people and its associations with sex, family relationships, and health status. A structured questionnaire was used to measure demographics, family(More)