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Foreign Attachments: The Power of Ethnic Groups in the Making of American Foreign Policy
Acknowledgments Introduction 1 Multiculturalism and U.S. Foreign Policy 2 Three Historical Stages of Ethnic Group Influence 3 Gaining Influence in Washington 4 E Pluribus Unum or Ex Plures Uno? NotesExpand
Ethnicity and electoral manipulation in Russia
To what extent does electoral manipulation follow ethnic lines in Russia? Using an original dataset based on raion-level data, we find that the “ethnic component” of electoral manipulation is moreExpand
A Pact with the Devil: Washington's Bid for World Supremacy and the Betrayal of the American Promise
Introduction 1. The Bush Doctrine and the Bid for World Supremacy 2. The Intellectual Origins of the Bush Doctrine 3. Liberal Democratic Internationalism: Its Pre-Classical, Classic, and HegemonicExpand
The ‘General Intellect’ in the Grundrisse and Beyond
AbstractIn recent publications Paolo Virno and Carlo Vercellone have called attention to Marx’s category of the general intellect in the Grundrisse, and to the unprecedented role its diffusion playsExpand
Enforcing the Peace: Learning from the Imperial Past
  • Tony Smith
  • Sociology
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  • 23 November 2005
Enforcing the Peace: Learning from the Imperial Past. By Kimberly Zisk Marten. New York: Columbia University Press, 2004. 208p. $27.95. This instructive volume aims to sort out the reasons thatExpand
Value Theory and Dialectics
If Capital is read as a work in systematic dialectics, early and later stages of the work do not relate externally as model and concrete reality. Both are instead different conceptualiza- tions ofExpand
The Crisis of American Foreign Policy: Wilsonianism in the Twenty-first Century
Introduction: Woodrow Wilson, the Bush Administration, and the Future of Liberal Internationalism by John Ikenberry 1 Chapter 1: "Playing for a Hundred Years Hence" Woodrow Wilson's InternationalismExpand