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AIM To examine the relationship between service use and outcomes (individual and wider consequences) using an economic analysis of a direct-access alcohol detoxification service in Manchester (the Smithfield Centre) and an NHS partial hospitalization programme in Newcastle upon Tyne (Newcastle and North Tyneside Drug and Alcohol Service, Plummer Court). (More)
BACKGROUND In common with international health policy, The End of Life Care Strategy for England has highlighted the delivery of high quality palliative care in the acute hospital setting as an area of priority. AIM The aim of this study was to explore the extent of palliative care need in the acute hospital setting, and to explore agreement between(More)
BACKGROUND Person-centred care has been linked with quality of care but difficulties remain in person-centred care being implemented in care practice. This study explores the use of life story work to enhance person-centred care with people with dementia. AIMS AND OBJECTIVES The study investigates how life story work is: understood and developed in(More)
The development of community-based services for people with dementia brings new challenges for health and social care providers, not least that of sustaining an enthusiastic workforce who are motivated to provide care and support under potentially isolating and difficult conditions. The present paper, based on interview data gathered from a group of(More)
INTRODUCTION Life story work is increasingly being used with people with dementia; this work offers a critical appraisal of some challenges that may be faced in practice. DESIGN AND METHODS An in-depth case study analysis was undertaken to understand the experiences of people with dementia, family carers and care staff in using life story work in an NHS(More)
The objective of this study was to investigate the cultivable Lactobacillus population in adult and infant faecal material to identify strains shared across a number of individuals. A range of lactobacilli isolated on Lactobacillus-selective agar from faeces of 16 infants and 11 adults were genetically fingerprinted and further characterized by 16S rRNA(More)
AIMS AND OBJECTIVES To synthesise current evidence about the experience of older people with cancer pain and consider how exploration of this may inform clinical practice and research. BACKGROUND Cancer is more prevalent in older age. Evidence suggests that older people's pain is generally under-recognised and under treated. Pain is a significant concern(More)
OBJECTIVE To compare intensive with non-intensive home-based rehabilitation provision following stroke or hip fracture in old age (65 years+). DESIGN Parallel single-blind randomized control trial. SETTING Domiciliary provided multidisciplinary rehabilitation. SUBJECTS One hundred and sixty patients aged 65 or over recently discharged from hospital(More)
The aims of this study were (i) to map the extent of all mental health placements in the independent sector, for adults of working age, and elderly people (excluding those with a diagnosis of dementia placed in Local Authority care homes), on a census date, across the areas in which the study was commissioned; (ii) to identify the characteristics of the(More)