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Thispaperpresentsaninitialimplementationand evaluation of a system that synthesizes visual speech directly from the acoustic waveform. An artificial neural network (ANN) was trained to map the cepstral coefficients of an individual's natural speech to the control parameters of an animated synthetic talking head. We trained on(More)
The fuzzy logical model of perception (FLMP; Massaro, 1998) has been extremely successful at describing performance across a wide range of ecological domains as well as for a broad spectrum of individuals. An important issue is whether this descriptive ability is theoretically informative or whether it simply reflects the model's ability to describe a wider(More)
The present study used the endpoint of hypothermia to investigate cannabinoid and nociceptin/orphanin FQ (N/OFQ) interactions in conscious animals. Prior work has established that cannabinoids produce hypothermia by activating central cannabinoid CB(1) receptors. The administration of N/OFQ into the brain also causes significant hypothermia. Those data(More)
With the growing commercialization of watermarking techniques in various application scenarios it has become increasingly important to quantify the performance of watermarking products. The quantification of relative merits of various products is not only essential in enabling further adoption of the technology by society as a whole, but will also drive the(More)
JOHN ROBERT GUNNELL: Accretion Patterns of Newly Built Marshland (Under the direction of Brent McKee) Marshes are among the most important ecosystems in the world, but also are rapidly disappearing on a global scale, making it necessary but difficult to understand the processes behind natural marsh building. In this study, 210 Pb-derived accretion rates are(More)
SPENCER SAMUEL PERKINS: Event-driven sediment transport in a highly responsive lowland river as influenced by climate and land-Anthropogenic activities have dramatically altered river systems from their natural state. Not only has population growth enhanced the magnitude of human impacts such as contaminants, it has also led to an increasingly direct link(More)