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Synergistic antitumor activity of vincristine and VP-16-213
SummaryThe potential interaction of the antitumor agents vincristine and VP-16-213 was investigated in vivo. DBA/2 mice were inoculated with 106 P388 murine leukemia cells, after which single IPExpand
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Characteristics of draft tube gas–liquid–solid fluidized‐bed bioreactor with immobilized living cells for phenol degradation
Biological phenol degradation in a draft tube gas‐liquid‐solid fluidized bed (DTFB) bioreactor containing a mixed culture immobilized on spherical activated carbon particles was investigated. TheExpand
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Glutamic acid modification of vincristine toxicity.
The principal limiting feature of the antitumor agent, vincristine, in the clinic has been neurotoxicity; there are no known agents which can routinely prevent or decrease this side effect. GlutamicExpand
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Pharmacokinetics of vindesine bolus and infusion
SummaryThe pharmacokinetics of vindesine were investigated during treatment of 15 patients with progressive malignancies refractory to conventional treatment. Patients were administered one of threeExpand
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Combination vincristine and VP-16-213: evaluation of drug sequence.
The combination of vincristine and VP-16-213 has been found to have synergistic antitumor activity in a murine system in vivo when the sequence of drug administration was vincristine followed byExpand
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Continuous intravenous infusion of vinca alkaloid using a subcutaneously implanted pump in a canine model
SummaryA major drawback of infusions of the vinca alkaloids is the lengthy period of hospitalization which is often required for this novel technique of cancer therapy. A potentially useful system toExpand
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Some remarks on gas-liquid mass transfer and biological phenol degradation in a draft tube gas-liquid-solid fluidized bed bioreactor
Gas-liquid mass transfer behavior in a draft tube gas-liquid-solid fluidized bed (DTFB) is examined in this study. The results reveal that considerably higher gas-liquid mass transfer exists in theExpand
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Travaux/Paris 77
Hepatic intra-arterial infusion of vincristine
SummaryCurrently the chemotherapeutic agents available for intra-arterial infusion in metastatic liver cancer are limited to only a few. The recent demonstration of the feasibility of prolonged IVExpand
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