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A vast amount of information relating to standards of patient care is collated from hospital wards, yet there is not always evidence that this information is discussed or acted upon by ward staff. Involving ward staff in setting up systems to monitor performance and then deciding how to address shortcomings uses their insights into care provision and gives(More)
Patient falls in hospitals are a serious problem and can cause long delays in their recovery. One-to-one nursing reduces the number of serious falls that occur, but nursing staff are often busy with routine clerical duties and do not have time to sit with patients constantly. Electronic health records make these clerical duties quicker to complete, giving(More)
  • T Proctor
  • 2000
Organisations operate within a three-tiered environment--internal, micro and macro. The environment is a powerful force acting upon the effectiveness of strategic decision making. Failure to take cognisance of the influence of the three-tiered environment can have disastrous consequences. The cross-impact matrix and the TOWS matrix are two strategic(More)
  • T Proctor
  • 1989
The needs of the chronically sick are not acknowledged under the Income Support system introduced by the Department of Social Security in April '88. A year has now passed and the difficulties and shortfalls of the new system have become clear.
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