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Software bugs often arise from differences between what developers envision their system does and what that system actually does. When faced with such conceptual inconsistencies, debugging can be very difficult. Inferring and presenting developers with accurate behavioral models of the system implementation can help developers reconcile their view of the(More)
Many APIs enable cross-platform system development by abstracting over the details of a platform, allowing application developers to write one implementation that will run on a wide variety of platforms. Unfortunately, subtle differences in the behavior of the underlying platforms make cross-platform behavior difficult to achieve. As a result, applications(More)
Vast amounts of information available online make plagiarism increasingly easy to commit, and this is particularly true of source code. The traditional approach of detecting copied work in a course setting is manual inspection. This is not only tedious but also typically misses code plagiarized from outside sources or even from an earlier offering of the(More)
Understanding how software utilizes resources is an important software engineering task. Existing software comprehension approaches rarely consider how resource utilization affects system behavior. We present Perfume, a general-purpose tool to help developers understand how resource utilization impacts their systems' control flow. Perfume is broadly(More)
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