Tony Nunn

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This multicentre study investigates the preference and performance of a group of 55 adult CLARION cochlear implant users with the choice of simultaneous analogue stimulation (SAS) and continuous interleaved sampler (CIS) strategies during the first 3 months of implant use. Subjects were programmed with both strategies and instructed to use each of the two(More)
This study evaluated the effect on movement under load of three different techniques for re-attachment of the tuberosities of the humerus using test sawbones. In the first, the tuberosities were attached both to the shaft and to each other, with one cerclage suture through the anterior hole in the prosthesis. The second technique was identical except for(More)
The use of unlicensed and off-label medicines in children is common because trials in children have not usually been performed during the drug development process. Consequently, the information available to paediatricians may not always be as detailed or as robust as that available when prescribing a medicine that is licensed for an approved indication.(More)
The closure of small-to-moderate-sized soft tissue defects in open tibial fractures can be successfully achieved with acute bony shortening. In some instances, it may be possible to close soft tissue envelope defects by preserving length and intentionally creating a deformity of the limb. As the soft tissue is now able to close, this manoeuvre converts an(More)
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