Tony Narayaninsamy

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In this paper, we present a method of constructing irregular fractal curves. This method is based on a sequence ðU1⁄2n Þn2N of piecewise differentiable maps defined succinctly in Narayaninsamy [T. Narayaninsamy, On basin boundaries, Appl. Math. Comput. 99 (1999) 261–274]. The experimental results concerning the basins of attraction of attractors which are(More)
We look at the number of solutions of an equation of the form = a in a finite field, where each fi is a multilinear polynomial. We use two methods to construct a solution of this problem for the cases a = 0, a 6= 0, and we generally get a semi-explicit formula. We show that this formula can generate a more efficient algorithm than the traditional(More)
We consider the problem of the fractional iteration for n-dimensional maps. We have two objectives in this paper. The ®rst objective is to establish a connection between fractional iteration and graph theory. The second objective is to make a study concerning the problem of fractional iteration for n-dimensional maps. Ó 2000 Published by Elsevier Science(More)
Let M be a bounded convex set of R, let f : M ! R be a continuous non-bijective map, we study solutions g of the functional equation gm…x† ˆ g…gmÿ1…x†† ˆ f …x†, m P 2. This functional equation represents the problem of the fractional iteration for f . Ó 2001 Elsevier Science Inc. All rights reserved.
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