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Carvedilol is an arylethanolamine that is a racemic mixture of 2 enantiomers. The S-(-)-enantiomer has beta-adrenoceptor blocking activity, while the racemate also has alpha 1-receptor blocking activity due to the activity of the R-(+)-enantiomer. The drug is rapidly absorbed and undergoes extensive first-pass metabolism in the liver. It reaches a peak(More)
The capabilities of Artificial Intelligence have increased dramatically over the last decade. We can now contemplate the use of automation in tasks which were previously considered the exclusive domain of human professionals. Such a possibility raises new legal issues. This paper argues the need for finding methods of assessing the competence of such(More)
PURPOSE To evaluate the diagnostic impact of MRI or/and multidetector CT in young patients with wrist injury and inconclusive or negative clinical examination and X-rays and to analyze variations in imaging strategies between a district general hospital (GH) and a university hospital (UH). MATERIALS AND METHODS A retrospective analysis of 34 young(More)
The prevalence of extracranial carotid stenosis in patients with a clinical syndrome of lacunar stroke has not been extensively studied using noninvasive methods. We performed carotid duplex sonography on 168 patients referred to the neurosonology laboratory with a diagnosis of ischemic stroke. Strokes were independently classified as lacunar or nonlacunar(More)
This paper proposes an extension to the Object-Role Modeling approach to support formal declaration of dynamic rules. Dynamic rules differ from static rules by pertaining to properties of state transitions, rather than to the states themselves. In this paper, application of dynamic rules is restricted to so-called single-step transactions, with an old state(More)
Qualitative representations provide a method for obtaining coarse-grained descriptions of dynamic system behaviour. These can be valuable where a general result is required, or where the available information is not adequate for a numerical or analytic representation. If qualitative methods are to find wider use, it is clearly important to understand the(More)