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A 4 by 28.3 to 10 by 11.32 Gb/s SFI-S compliant two chip SerDes for 100 Gb/s applications was fabricated using IBM's SiGe 130 nm 8HP process (210 GHz fT). The Multiplexer receives 10 channels, plus the SFI-S deskew channel at 11.32 Gb/s, and outputs four lanes at 28.3 Gb/s, with a maximum output of 1.2 Vpp differential. The Demultiplexer receives four(More)
BACKGROUND Elevated levels of type I interferons (IFNs) are a characteristic feature of the systemic autoimmune rheumatic diseases (SARDs) and are thought to play an important pathogenic role. However, it is unknown whether these elevations are seen in anti-nuclear antibody-positive (ANA+) individuals who lack sufficient criteria for a SARD diagnosis. We(More)
The absence of axonal regeneration after spinal cord injury (SCI) has been attributed to the up-regulation of axon-repelling molecules, such as chondroitin sulfate proteoglycans (CSPGs) present in the glial scar that forms post-SCI. We previously identified the transcription factor SOX9 as a key up-regulator of CSPG production and also demonstrated that(More)
The World Social Science (WSS) fellows on Risk Interpretation and Action (RIA) include the core writing team of this report (alphabetical after leads): 9 , and Victoria Sword-Daniels 10 , which has been written on behalf of the wider group that attended the seminar (in alphabetical order): Olayinka Akanle 25. The organisers and scientists that also attended(More)
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