Tony Kruger

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Partnership based teacher education constructed as collaborative practitioner inquiry about practice and learning demonstrates the potential to change and improve the practice of all participants: students, teachers, student teachers and teacher educators. The experience of Project Partnerships, the inquiry basis of the Bachelor of Education P-12 at(More)
This article outlines the trial model in reproductive medicine that was created as a first step in the development of a business model for medical subspecialty training to complement the current academic subspecialty training in South Africa. A two-tiered training model was developed over time. The hurdles that had to be overcome were the development of a(More)
There was a different interaction in the classroom with ‘Inspiration’ to a certain extent. There were certain things that we knew but as soon as you gave it to the kids they all of a sudden discovered other things you could do with it, so they began teaching the other kids and ourselves. This paper, written immediately after the preparation of case studies(More)
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