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There is enduring debate about the validity of subjective measures of quality of life derived from people with psychiatric disorders and particularly from those with psychosis. We evaluated patients with established psychosis 4 years after their first episode. We compared subjective and objective measures of quality of life and evaluated the influence of(More)
BACKGROUND The aim of this study was to quantify and compare the burden of disease attributable to five major lifestyle-related risk factors in a UK Primary Care Trust (Wirral) using World Health Organizations' (WHO) comparative risk assessment (CRA) methodology to demonstrate its practical utility for informing local policy initiatives. METHODS WHO CRA(More)
BACKGROUND Unemployment negatively affects health. In this study, we quantify the impact of current and rising levels of unemployment on limiting long-term illness (LLTI), mental health problems and mortality in North and South England. METHODS Excess cases of LLTI and mental health problems in the unemployed were calculated as the difference in the(More)
This study was undertaken to examine the prevalence of bronchitis (cough with phlegm) symptoms in teenagers who either smoked cigarettes on a regular basis (active smokers) or were non-smokers but who are exposed to passive smoking (passive smokers) in the home. The study was undertaken in 1995 and repeated in 1998. The 1995 study was a cross sectional(More)
This paper describes an ongoing oral health education project developed and implemented at the Royal Hospital for Neuro-disability (RHN) by the Dental Team. The Oral Care Link Nurse (OCLN) project was developed to assist the dental team in the promotion of oral care within the hospital. The Dental Team identified that, in addition to providing knowledge and(More)
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