Tony J. Van Roy

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l ; ~ x ; ~ l . l j , j ~ . M I , I]yj<-xj<-u~yj, j~M2, yje {o, 1}, jeM2UM3. where x~, yj are variables, aj, bj, d, l], u~ are constants, and M1, M2, M3 are sets (M2 • p t / ~ t and M3 need not be disjoint)• The constraints xj_ u.i, xj_ ujyi are called simple and variable (VUB) upper bound constraints respectively, and lower bound constraints are defined(More)
Multi-item capacitated lot-sizing problems are reformulated using a class of valid inequalities, which are facets for the single-item uncapacitated problem. Computational results using this reformulation are reported, and problems vnth up to 20 items and 13 periods have been solved to optimality using a commercial mixed integer code. We also show how the(More)
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