Tony J Tegeler

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A sample deposition device has been constructed and optimized for interfacing CEC and capillary LC columns to MALDI mass spectrometry. For CEC analysis, the device is composed of an inlet buffer reservoir and an outlet buffer reservoir connected to a matrix reservoir through a connection sleeve. The matrix reservoir is connected to a deposition capillary(More)
An on-column trace enrichment method for capillary electrochromatography of dilute samples is described. It involves the sequential use of frontal and elution electrochromatography on a segmented capillary column comprising of two contiguous segments each packed with a different sorbent. While the entering segment is for preconcentration by frontal(More)
An on-column trace enrichment method for CEC of dilute samples is presented. The method involves on-line preconcentration by frontal electrochromatography under conditions of strong solute binding to the stationary phase followed by a step-gradient elution electrochromatography with a mobile phase of high eluting strength. This method is tested with dilute(More)
Capillary electrochromatography (CEC) with octadecyl-silica-packed capillary columns was evaluated in the separation of nonpolar compounds, e.g., pyrethroid insecticides, using surfactant-rich mobile phases. This novel concept is referred to as surfactant-mediated capillary electrochromatography (SM-CEC), and is based on including a charged surfactant,(More)
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