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SHAPE, "Situating Hybrid Assemblies in Public Environments", is an EU Future and Emerging Technologies project of the Disappearing Computer initiative, concerned with designing and developing novel technology to enhance interpersonal interaction in public locales: exploratoria, galleries, and museums, for example. This paper outlines a use of hybrid reality(More)
The research reported in this paper set out to explore novel, interactive techniques to stimulate active participation, involvement and learning by children visiting a museum, through ubiquitous computer technology. To achieve this, a systematic design process was undertaken, which involved exploring Scenario-Based Design, Design-Based Research and a number(More)
In recent years, novel paradigms of computing have emerged, which enable computational power to be embedded in artefacts and in environments in novel ways. These developments may create new possibilities for using computing to enhance learning. This paper presents the results of a design process that set out to explore interactive techniques, which utilized(More)
Re-Tracing the Past: exploring objects, stories, mysteries, was an exhibition held at the Hunt Museum, in Limerick, Ireland from 9th--19th June 2003. We attempted to create an exhibition that would be an engaging experience for visitors, that would open avenues for exploration, allow for the collection of visitor opinions,and that would add to the(More)
We describe an application in which museum visitors hunt for virtual history outdoors, capture it, and bring it back indoors for detailed inspection. This application provides visitors with ubiquitous access to a parallel virtual world as they move through an extended physical space. Diverse devices, including mobile wireless interfaces for locating(More)
In this paper we describe a technologically enhanced, environmental peer-education project. This intergenerational program is called the Digital Hedge School (DHS) project; the central focus of which is the students' visit to a local informal learning environment i.e. Brigit's Garden [1]. At the garden students explore and play, learning about habitats,(More)