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How innovators capture value from innovation is an enduring question. Two decades ago an effort was made in " Profiting from Innovation " to unlock this conundrum. This paper reflects on the framework offered, identifies and reviews the analytical foundations of the theory, and recognizes subsequent contributions and advancements. Linkages are also made to(More)
Generation of a T cell-mediated antitumor response depends on T cell receptor engagement by major histocompatibility complex/antigen as well as CD28 ligation by B7. CTLA-4 is a second B7 receptor expressed by T cells upon activation that, unlike CD28, appears to deliver an inhibitory signal to T cells. Recently, we and others demonstrated that(More)
Venoms of several snake species contain large amounts of L-amino acid oxidase but its effects on human plasma coagulation and platelet aggregation have not been explored. We have purified L-amino acid oxidase from king cobra venom through CM-Sephadex C-25, Sephadex G-100 and DEAE Sephadex A-50 chromatographies. The purified enzyme has a mol. wt of 135,000(More)