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Reconstructing stature is at the core of providing information on unidentified human remains. This research shows that there are significant differences between modern populations and those used to create the most common stature estimation formulae. New formulae for the fe-mur and fibula in males and females were created to provide accurate estimates for(More)
A number of historical philosophical theories relate to materiality in contemporary art and the role of art objects as an extension of ontology, or the study of the nature of being. The Kantian idea of the " aesthetic experience " is the point of departure, tracing philosophical discourse of how art functions via its materiality through the writings of(More)
Distributional implications of climate change mitigation policies are of interest to social policy scholars because they relate to important questions about fairness: which groups bear the highest burdens – or receive the greatest assistance – from these policies and how does this relate to their contribution to emissions? It is already well established(More)
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