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In these notes I explain how to derive formulae for numerically stable calculation of the mean and standard deviation, which are also suitable for incremental on-line calculation. I then generalize these formulae to weighted means and standard deviations. I unpick the difficulties that arise when generalizing further to normalized weights. Finally I show(More)
One of the more vexing problems with the lack of security in Internet email is ''collat-eral spam'': the backscatter of bounces from forged email that is sent to the forged address. The effect of this is for users to ignore bounces as just another kind of spam, and evenf or some email system administrators to disable bounces altogether.S oa sw ell as being(More)
Exim was originally written nearly 10 years ago for use on the email servers at the University of Cambridge, and our requirements still have significant influence on Exim'sd ev el-opment. Our central email systems provide a number of message transport services, including ageneral-purpose smarthost, an authenticated message submission service usable by(More)
The objectives of this study were to: 1) Assess and analyze the knowledge and attitudes of caregivers towards dental care for older adults in long-term care facilities; and 2) Train administrators, medical staff, and caregivers in the oral health competencies necessary to provide daily oral health care for residents of Assisted Living Communities in Oregon.(More)
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