Tony E. Smith

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This study explores a local K-function estimation as a method to identify the spatial clusters of service users of outpatient psychiatric programs in Philadelphia. GIS maps were created to visualize and evaluate the results of K-function analysis. The Medicaid eligible population was used as the control group. The study validated factual information(More)
Background. Regional variations in kidney and liver transplant outcomes have been reported, but their causes remain largely unknown. This study investigated variations in kidney and liver cold ischemia times (CITs) across organ procurement organizations (OPO) as potential causes of variations in transplant outcomes. Methods. This retrospective study(More)
Emergency visits are rising nationally, whereas the number of emergency departments is shrinking. However, volume has not increased uniformly at all emergency departments. It is unclear what factors account for this variability in emergency volume growth rates. The objective of this study was to test the association of hospital and population(More)
A spatio-temporal model of housing price trends is developed that focuses on individual housing sales over time. The model allows for both the spatio-temporal lag effects of previous sales in the vicinity of each housing sale, and for general autocorrelation effects over time. A key feature of this model is the recognition of the unequal spacing between(More)
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