Tony Durand

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Antibiotic-associated diarrhea (AAD) is associated with altered intestinal microflora and other symptoms that may lead to possibly death. In critically ill patients, diarrhea increases rates of morbimortality. Assessing diarrhea risks is thus important for clinicians. For this reason, we conducted a hypothesis-generating study focused on AAD to provide(More)
Foetal pig neuroblasts are interesting candidates as a cell source for transplantation, but xenotransplantation in the brain requires the development of adapted immunosuppressive treatments. As systemic administration of high doses of cyclosporine A has side effects and does not protect xenotransplants forever, we focused our work on local control of the(More)
Enteric glial cells (EGC) have trophic and neuroregulatory functions in the enteric nervous system, but whether they exert a direct effect on immune cells is unknown. Here, we used co-cultures to show that human EGC can inhibit the proliferation of activated T lymphocytes. Interestingly, EGC from Crohn's patients were effective at one EGC for two T cells(More)
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