Tony D Crespi

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The origins of serious violence in adolescents has been of concern throughout the century. The number of felony-murder convictions of adolescents on death row in the United States is arguably a warning beacon about the serious nature of juvenile homicide. This article reviews the research on adolescent homicide and highlights significant family variables.(More)
Recent developmental studies have highlighted the traumatic experiences faced by youngsters from alcoholic families. So far, however, the concept of individuation has remained missing from the discussion. This article links the developmental-familial implications of parental alcoholism with the individuation process and suggests a developmental agenda for(More)
Approximately 4.5 to 6.3 million youth experience serious emotional disturbances. Unfortunately, many of them have unmet mental health needs. Tools used in personality assessment can offer unparalleled assistance in diagnosis, and assist in designing appropriate interventions. Unfortunately, not all psychologists embrace personality assessment as a key(More)
The effectiveness of a time-out intervention for adolescent psychiatric patients, adjudicated (delinquent) youth, and behaviorally disordered youngsters was explored in this study. The research was conducted in three psychiatric hospitals for children and adolescents, a facility for adjudicated youth, and in a day-treatment program. Utilizing a comparative(More)
This paper explores the individual developmental and family system factors associated with running away. In the model presented, the ability of youth to successfully individuate is tied to the overarching tolerances for autonomy and intimacy that exist within the family system. Running away, in this perspective, is viewed as a conflict-induced effort on the(More)
Constructivist developmental theory and therapy refers to the integration of developmental theory within the shared context of counseling theory and practice. Drawing on the co-constructivist framework of psychologist Allen E. Ivey, developmental theory and therapy are highlighted within the context of the mental health needs of adolescents experiencing(More)
School psychologists are interested in providing effective and efficient direct services to children. With a wide spectrum of psychological problems impacting children, group counseling represents one viable and valuable intervention. Given the complexity of group counseling, many schools and school psychologists are interested in legal and ethical issues(More)
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