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The OpenSHMEM community would like to announce a new effort to standardize SHMEM, a communications library that uses one-sided communication and utilizes a partitioned global address space. OpenSHMEM is an effort to bring together a variety of SHMEM and SHMEM-like implementations into an open standard using a community-driven model. By creating an(More)
—OpenSHMEM is a recently introduced open standard for all SHMEM libraries. In this paper we discuss the different aspects of porting the NAS parallel benchmarks from their MPI 1 implementations to those that use the new OpenSHMEM library API. We compare performance and scalability of these unoptimized OpenSHMEM NAS benchmarks with their MPI 1, and in some(More)
OpenSHMEM is an effort to standardize the well-known SHMEM parallel programming library. The project aims to produce an open-source and portable SHMEM API and is led by ORNL and UH. In this paper, we optimize the current OpenSHMEM reference implementation , based on GASNet, to achieve higher performance characteristics. To achieve these desired performance(More)
Computer architecture has undergone dramatic changes due to technology innovation. Some emerging architectures, such as GPUs and MICs also have been successfully used for parallel computation in the today's HPC field. Nowadays, people frequently have to port application to a new architecture or system and to expand its functionality for a better performance(More)
The Extreme Scale Systems Center (ESSC) at Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL), together with the University of Houston, led the effort to standardize the SHMEM API with input from the vendors and user community. In 2012, OpenSHMEM Specification 1.0 was finalized and released to the OpenSHMEM community for comments. As we move to future HPC systems, there(More)
Reducing data communication cost is a critical performance consideration and the need is more acute when using libraries like the OpenSHMEM Reference library which has to sacrifice some performance optimizations for portability. Being a Partitioned Global Address Space library the OpenSHMEM reference library provides more control over data placement, yet,(More)
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