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This paper describes the development of a classification scheme that can be used to investigate the characteristics of introductory programming examinations. We describe the process of developing the scheme, explain its categories, and present a taste of the results of a pilot analysis of a set of CS1 exam papers. This study is part of a project that aims(More)
Context: Global Software Engineering (GSE) has become the predominant form of software development for global companies and has given rise to a demand for students trained in GSE. In response, universities are developing courses and curricula around GSE and researchers have begun to disseminate studies of these new approaches. Problem: GSE differs from most(More)
BRACElet is a multi-institutional multi-national research study of how novice programmers comprehend and write computer programs. This paper reviews the first action research cycle of the BRACElet project and, in the process, charts a path for the upcoming second cycle. The project remains close to educational practice, with much of the data being either(More)
In this paper, we explore what is variously termed distance learning (DL), asynchronous, online, Web-based, and Web-supported learning in terms of how it can support and perhaps even improve the fields of education involving computing. We use the term distributed education to cover all mentioned topics. We describe how the incorporation of these methods can(More)
This paper reports the results of a collaborative learning exercise between students at Auckland Institute of Technology and Uppsala University. The exercise was conducted using both a Lotus Notes Domino™ collaborative database and electronic mail to support students working in remote groups to perform a common task. Issues concerning the(More)
This paper reviews a capstone project undertaken by Auckland University of Technology (AUT) students to develop a tribal membership register for Te Runanga a Iwi o Ngapuhi. The initial scope of the project incorporated a database to record details of people, land, and their common history. As the project unfolded complex issues related to land, genealogical(More)