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The dynamical consequences of multiple-species interactions remain an elusive and fiercely debated topic. Recently, Murdoch and colleagues proposed a general rule for the dynamics of generalist natural enemies: when periodic, they exhibit single generation cycles (SGCs), similar to single species systems. This contrasts markedly with specialists, which tend(More)
The synthesis of 5-substituted 6,6a-dihydroisoindolo[2,1-a]quinolin-11(5H)-ones via [4 + 2] imino-Diels-Alder cyclization from N-aryl-3-hydroxyisoindolinones and N-vinyl lactams under Lewis acid-catalysed anhydrous conditions is reported. Reactions of N-(2-substituted-aryl)-3-hydroxyisoindolinones with N-vinylpyrrolidone under identical conditions resulted(More)
The common technique to hermetically fill prepared root canals involves the use of "standardised" gutta-percha cones that are selected to fit the apical portion of the prepared canal space. These gutta-percha cones are manufactured to conform to a standard size and taper which should correspond to the size and taper of standard root canal instruments.(More)
The title compound, C(23)H(23)NO(5)·CH(2)Cl(2), was obtained via the alkyl-ation of the 12-hydr-oxy-2,3,8,9-tetra-methoxy-benzo[c]phenanthridine salt. The benzo[c]phenanthridine ring system is essentially planar, with a mean out-of-plane deviation of 0.026 Å. A dicloromethane mol-ecule of solvation is present and located between the sheets of phenanthridine(More)
Ethylone, a synthetic cathinone with psychoactive properties, is a designer drug which has appeared on the recreational drug market in recent years. Since 2012, illicit shipments of ethylone hydrochloride have been intercepted with increasing frequency at the Canadian border. Analysis has revealed that ethylone hydrochloride exists as two distinct(More)
Tandem oxy-Cope and transannular vinylogous aldol reactions and/or vinylogous retro-aldol, conjugate addition, and transannular vinylogous aldol reactions transformed some tricyclic vinyl enones into fused tetracycles under basic conditions. Mesylates derived from similar tetracyclic products underwent efficient skeletal reorganization via transannular(More)
The (SO(2))(2)Li[AlF(OR(F))(3)]Li[Al(OR(F))(4)] (1) (R(F) = C(CF(3))(3)) molecular entity was obtained by thermal decomposition of Li[Al(OR(F))(4)] followed by crystallization from liquid SO(2). 1, containing two SO(2) molecules eta(1)-O coordinated to Li(+), was structurally characterized by single crystal X-ray diffraction and NMR spectroscopy in(More)
A one-step Bronsted acid-catalyzed synthetic methodology leading to 3-(alkoxymethylene)indolin-2-ones was developed starting from easily accessible 2-hydroxyindole-3-carboxaldehydes. The procedure simply involves a treatment of differently substituted 2-hydroxyindole-3-carboxaldehydes with various alcohols (primary/secondary/tertiary/allyl/propargyl/benzyl)(More)