Tony C Barthel

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The "aha" moment or the sudden arrival of the solution to a problem is a common human experience. Spontaneous problem solving without evident trial and error behavior in humans and other animals has been referred to as insight. Surprisingly, elephants, thought to be highly intelligent, have failed to exhibit insightful problem solving in previous cognitive(More)
Abstract: A 3-yr-old male Rothschild's giraffe (Giraffa camelopardalis rothschildi) presented for acute swelling caudomedial to the left parietal horn. Following initial diagnostics and supportive treatment, the mass was surgically resected and intralesional chemotherapy was administered. Despite treatment, the giraffe's condition worsened and euthanasia(More)
In 2009, a pandemic influenza A virus (pH1N1) spread globally in humans and infected a broad range of captive animals with close human contact. In February 2014, a pH1N1 virus was isolated from a sloth bear with respiratory signs at a US zoo, demonstrating that recurring epidemics present an ongoing threat to animals, including threatened species. This is(More)
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