Tony Berber Sardinha

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Building Coherence and Cohesion by Maite Taboada presents a detailed account of selected aspects of the discourse of scheduling dialogs, which are conversations between two people trying to arrange a meeting. These dialogs, which had been recorded in a laboratory as part of the JANUS project, were held in English and in Spanish, totaling 1380 conversations(More)
WordSmith Tools (Scott, 1998) offers a program for comparing corpora, known as KeyWords. KeyWords compares a word list extracted from what has been called 'the study corpus' (the corpus which the researcher is interested in describing) with a word list made from a reference corpus. The only requirement for a word list to be accepted as reference corpus by(More)
The aim of the research presented here is to report on a corpus-based method for discourse analysis that is based on the notion of segmentation, or the division of texts into cohesive portions. For the purposes of this investigation, a segment is defined as a contiguous portion of written text consisting of at least two sentences. The segmentation procedure(More)
  • Alberto Simões, José João, Almeida Xavier, Gómez Guinovart, J R Pichel Campos, D Vázquez +81 others
  • 2014
Conteúdo Dossier imaxin|software: 16 anos desenvolvendo aplicações no campo do pro-cessamento da linguagem natural multilingue O facto dos autores continuarem a enviar propostas para a Linguamática demons-tra um voto de confiança no nosso trabalho e dos revisores, confiança essa que muito agradecemos. Também acreditamos que o facto de a Linguamática estar(More)
The study reported in this paper attempts to conduct a corpus-driven investigation of an electronic corpus with a view to spot possible metaphors. The corpus is composed of dissertations in Applied Linguistics. In Corpus Linguistics, an important distinction is made between corpus-based and corpus-driven investigations (Tognini-Bonelli, 2001). The former is(More)