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A group of 11 hashish users were compared with 11 controls on a visual sustained attention (vigilance) task. Analysis indicated that hashish use affected subjects' sensitivity. Subjects who used hashish responded in an indiscriminate manner, making more false alarms (8.7) than controls (2.6). The importance of vigilance in the assessment of adverse effects(More)
The effect of substance abuse on visuographic functions was investigated by comparing 4 groups from an Arabian Gulf population: 63 heroin abusers, 14 alcohol abusers, 43 polydrug abusers, and 48 control subjects. The visuographic function was evaluated using Benton's Revised Visual Retention Test. Analysis of covariance yielded an over-all group effect on(More)
We compute the integral torus-equivariant cohomology ring for weighted projective space for two different torus actions by embedding the cohomology in a sum of polynomial rings ⊕ i=0 Z[t1, t2, . . . , tn]. One torus action gives a result complementing that of Bahri, Franz, and Ray. For the other torus action, each basis class for weighted projective space(More)
The survival of early stages of small pelagic fish species (e.g. Engraulis encrasicolus) is highly dependent on environmental conditions in both spawning and nursery areas. Knowing the relationship between the mortality rates of the early stages and the environment may help to study and model recruitment fluctuations. During the summer of 2006, two(More)
The present study investigated the effect of language dominance on 40 subjects' performance on a Stroop task. In the first group were 20 Education majors using mainly the Arabic language, while in the second group of 20 students were majors in English. Each group performed two different Stroop tasks. Analysis showed that language comprehension affected the(More)
  • T Bahri
  • Perceptual and motor skills
  • 1997
45 subjects performed a cued vigilance task in which location cues were presented at intervals of 150, 350, or 550 msec. before the display of the stimulus, that is, three cue-stimulus intervals. Targets preceded by valid location cues led to a normal decrement in vigilance over time, whereas targets preceded by invalid location cues produced an increment(More)
  • T Bahri
  • Perceptual and motor skills
  • 1994
Factors controlling sustained visual orienting were investigated by combining the paradigms of covert orienting and vigilance. Analysis suggests a close relationship between orienting of attention and vigilance which is dependent on the event rate during the vigilance task. At a low event rate both facilitatory and inhibitory effects of orienting are found.(More)
The study presents the biomass and spatial distribution of Sardinella aurita in the Libyan, Maltese and southern Sicily waters, estimated during four acoustic surveys in summer 2008 and 2010. Strong differences in terms of both spatial distribution and total biomass between years and areas were found, with higher total biomass in 2010 than in 2008 in both(More)
An analysis of the influence of environmental conditions on the pelagic fish community structure and species distribution in two areas of the Central Mediterranean sea, the Sicilian–Maltese and the Libyan continental shelves, is presented. The Libyan waters suffer from the lack of historical information on these species, and a thorough characterisation of(More)
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