Tony Ashton

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Exercise involving lengthening muscle actions, such as downhill running, results in delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS), which may be attributable to reactive oxygen species (ROS). Although exercise causes oxidative stress, any link between ROS and DOMS remains speculative. There is emerging evidence to suggest that ROS play an important physiological(More)
BACKGROUND Delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS) occurs after unaccustomed exercise and has been suggested to be attributable to reactive oxygen species (ROS). Previous studies have shown increased ROS after lengthening contractions, attributable to invading phagocytes. Plasma glucose is a vital fuel for phagocytes, therefore carbohydrate (CHO) status before(More)
OBJECTIVE To examine factors associated with tackles in rugby union and to assess their impact on the risk of injury. DESIGN Two-season (2003/2004 and 2005/2006) prospective cohort design with video analysis. SETTING 13 English Premiership clubs. PARTICIPANTS 645 players. MAIN OUTCOME MEASURE RR (95% CI) calculated by comparing the frequency of(More)
Intestinal-type gastric cancer is preceded by gastritis and intestinal metaplasia. There is uncertainty regarding the stage at which genetic alterations in the p53 gene occur. Reactive oxygen species (ROS) may participate in the production of mutations and the inactivation of p53 is due to infection by the bacterium Helicobacter pylori. We have investigated(More)
Even though intense exercise has traditionally been associated with a statistically significant accumulation of blood-borne biomarkers of free radical-mediated lipid peroxidation, it remains to be determined if the oxidative stress response is biologically significant. To examine biological significance, we calculated the critical difference of selected(More)
(2006) The importance of comparison in a phenomenological study of clients' experience on an assessment group for group psychotherapy. Users may access full items free of charge; copies of full text items generally can be reproduced, displayed or performed and given to third parties in any format or medium for personal research or study, educational or(More)
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