Tony A Papenfuss

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The mammalian PCP pathway regulates diverse developmental processes requiring coordinated cellular movement, including neural tube closure and cochlear stereociliary orientation. Here, we show that epidermal wound repair is regulated by PCP signaling. Mice carrying mutant alleles of PCP genes Vangl2, Celsr1, PTK7, and Scrb1, and the transcription factor(More)
Osmiophilic bodies are membrane-bound vesicles, found predominantly in Plasmodium female gametocytes, that become progressively more abundant as the gametocyte reaches full maturity. These vesicles lie beneath the subpellicular membrane of the gametocyte, and the release of their contents into the parasitophorous vacuole has been postulated to aid in the(More)
# ​Members of the PCAWG Evolution and Heterogeneity Working Group: Pavana Anur, Rameen Beroukhim, Paul Boutros, David D. Bowtell, Peter Campbell, Elizabeth L. Christie, Marek Cmero, Yupeng Cun, Kevin Dawson, Jonas Demeulemeester, Stefan C. Dentro, Amit Deshwar, Nilgun Donmez, Roland Eils, Yu Fan, Matthew Fittall, Dale W. Garsed, Moritz Gerstung, Gad Getz,(More)
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