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To date, the effect of natural selection on candidate genes underlying complex traits has rarely been studied experimentally, especially under ecologically realistic conditions. Here we report that the effect of selection on the flowering time gene FRIGIDA (FRI) reverses depending on the season of germination and allelic variation at the interacting gene(More)
1 Pathogen genomic data is increasingly important in investigations of infectious disease 2 outbreaks. The objective of this study is to develop methods for using large-scale genomic data 3 to determine the type of the environment an outbreak pathogen came from. Specifically, this 4 study focuses on assessing whether an outbreak strain came from a natural(More)
Pathogen metadata includes information about where and when a pathogen was collected and the type of environment it came from. Along with genomic nucleotide sequence data, this metadata is growing rapidly and becoming a valuable resource not only for research but for biosurveillance and public health. However, current freely available tools for analyzing(More)
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