Toni Schumacher

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Astrocytic network alterations have been reported in Alzheimer's disease (AD), but the underlying pathways have remained undefined. Here we measure astrocytic calcium, cerebral blood flow and amyloid-β plaques in vivo in a mouse model of AD using multiphoton microscopy. We find that astrocytic hyperactivity, consisting of single-cell transients and calcium(More)
The cell membrane of sheep Purkinje fibers hyperpolarizes transiently on returning to K containing media after several minutes in K free solution. To analyse this 'K activated response' voltage clamp experiments and measurements of the internal Na activity (aiNa) are performed in fibres bathed in solution containing 0.2-2 mM BaCl2. Compared to the response(More)
Vascular cognitive impairment is the second most common form of dementia. The pathogenic pathways leading to vascular cognitive impairment remain unclear but clinical and experimental data have shown that chronic reactive astrogliosis occurs within white matter lesions, indicating that a sustained pro-inflammatory environment affecting the white matter may(More)
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