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Both the special education and gifted education literature call for a differentiated curriculum to cater for the wide range of student differences in any classroom. Gardner’s theory of multiple intelligences was integrated with the revised Bloom’s taxonomy to provide a planning tool for curriculum differentiation. Teachers’ progress in using the tool to(More)
BACKGROUND Depression is becoming increasingly prevalent in young people and is occurring earlier. General practitioners are prescribing antidepressants more frequently for this group, yet they are usually not the answer to the problem. OBJECTIVE This article examines the increase in prevalence rates of childhood and adolescent depression. We draw on(More)
Acknowledgements First of all, many thanks to Mónica Tamaríz, who has been all that a supervisor should be – knowledgeable, enthusiastic, and encouraging. Thanks also to Simon Kirby, co-supervisor, for his help and guidance throughout the year. Thanks to Erin Brown, for her patient willingness to offer advice and help. I owe a debt of gratitude to Eddie(More)
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