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This paper describes the impact of Critical Success Factors (CSFs) across the stages of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) implementations using the responses from 86 organizations that completed or are in the process of completing an ERP implementation. Our results provide advice to management on how best to utilize their limited resources to choose those(More)
An important problem in probabilistic description is to understand who are the key players, which activities associated with enterprise system implementations are important, and when their effect is most prevalent across the IT development stages. Using an information theory approach, we analyze the fit between their importance, as noted in the current(More)
Keywords: IT quality management Information quality System quality Service quality Organizational impact Management Information Systems a b s t r a c t Increased organizational dependence on information systems drives management attention towards improving information systems' quality. A recent survey shows that ''Improve IT quality " is one of the top(More)
academic year he was oc sabbatical leave at the university of Hong Kong's Department 01 computer science. H:s research interests include information technology managemerlt in national and international environments, information systems modeling, analysis and design, software engineering, and telecommuting. He has pl. research interests focus 0111 planning(More)
Many enterprise resource planning (ERP) implementation projects fail despite huge investments. To explain such failures, we draw on the resource-based view (RBV) of the firm to define various dimensions of information systems (IS) resources. Using resource-picking and capability-building arguments, we examine the relationships between IS resources and ERP(More)