Toni Kazic

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MOTIVATION Reliable, automated communication of biological information requires methods to declare the information's semantics. In this paper I describe an approach to semantic declaration intended to permit independent, distributed databases, algorithms, and servers to exchange and process requests for information and computations without requiring(More)
Could the Semantic Web work for computations of biological interest in the way it's intended to work for movie reviews and commercial transactions? It would be wonderful if it could, so it's worth looking to see if its infrastructure is adequate to the job. The technologies of the Semantic Web make several crucial assumptions. I examine those assumptions;(More)
There are thousands of maize mutants, which are invaluable resources for plant research. Geneticists use them to study underlying mechanisms of biochemistry, cell biology, cell development, and cell physiology. To streamline the understanding of such complex processes, researchers need the most current versions of genetic and physical maps, tools with the(More)
Complex phenotypes are of growing importance in agriculture and medicine. In Zea mays, the most widely produced crop in the world (United States Department of Agriculture. World Agricultural Production. United States Department of Agriculture, Foreign Agricultural Service, Washington, 2015), the disease lesion mimic mutants produce regions of discolored or(More)
Almost all the world’s food is grown in open fields, where plant phenotypes can be very different from those observed in greenhouses. Geneticists and agronomists studying food crops routinely detect, measure, and classify a wide variety of phenotypes in fields that contain many visually distinct types of a single crop. Augmenting humans in these tasks by(More)
The magnitude of the problems of drug abuse and Neuro-AIDS warrants the development of novel approaches for testing hypotheses in diagnosis and treatment ranging from cell culture models to developing databases. In this study, cultured neurons were treated with/without HIV-TAT, ENV, or cocaine in a 2x2x2 expression study design. RNA was purified, labeled,(More)