Toni Jarimo

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Computer assistance in the process of creation of virtual organizations (VO) is an important condition for the possibility of having truly dynamic VOs, in response to collaboration opportunities in fast changing market contexts. A realistic approach to materialize agility in VO creation is defined with the assumption of a VO Breeding Environment (VBE) that(More)
This paper describes a virtual organization (VO) partner-selection case of Virtuelle Fabrik AG, which is an operating virtual organization breeding environment (VBE). We approach the partner-selection problem through a recently developed optimization framework; therefore we also study the applicability of the framework. The results suggest that an(More)
The process of virtual organization (VO) creation can be seen as the selection of a set of organizations from a larger set, called a VO breeding environment (VBE). Often a VBE provides several possible VO configurations whose efficiency differs. The ultimate task is to evaluate all possible configurations in order to select the optimal VO configuration. The(More)
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