Toni Ferro

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Cyberinfrastructures are virtual organizations comprised of people and large-scale scientific computational infrastructures. Cyberinfrastructures endeavor to support "cutting-edge" science and must continually evolve and be under development in order to maintain their relevance and usefulness. This qualitative study of a cyberinfrastructure development(More)
This poster presents our work using a face-to-face user-centered design method to inform the design of a reputation visualization for an established online community. The benefits of conducting an offline group session with online community members included insights into motivation and priorities, an understanding of community norms, and a member check on(More)
PURPOSE The needs and concerns of patients with advanced breast cancer are changing at every phase of the care intervention. Management and coordination of hospital resources and services are also steadily evolving. The objective of the present expert report is to define a new oncology nursing role specialising in advanced breast cancer, to help guide(More)
This study examines the use of social networking sites (SNSs) such as Facebook and LinkedIn by entrepreneurs. The results contribute to the growing body of research on the uses of SNSs in the workplace. The findings show that entrepreneurs use SNSs in some of the same ways workers at large companies do (e.g. to cultivate business relationships and find job(More)
Increasingly, researchers and organizations are interested in the potential for social networking sites to support the day-to-day tasks of workers. This study examines the way the Rat City Rollergirls (RCRG), a roller derby team, communicates using social media to support the business of their organization. While the RCRG is a volunteer organization, their(More)
Researchers and organizations have been endeavoring to determine if and how social media can be leveraged to support the day-to-day work of knowledge workers. This study discusses a survey of the use of publicly available online services by knowledge workers that highlights new ways of examining the social media in relation to day-to-day work. Specifically,(More)
This poster presents ongoing research on how discursive and editing behaviors are regulated on Wikipedia by means of documented rules and practices. Our analysis focuses on three types of collaboratively-created policy document (policies, guidelines and essays), that have been formalized to different degrees and represent different degrees of community(More)
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