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Introduction The goal of the Quest project at the IBM Almaden Research center is to develop technology to enable a new breed of data-intensive decision-support applications. This paper is a capsule summary of the current functionality and architecture of the Quest data mining System. Our overall approach has been to identify basic data mining operations(More)
Generalized clauses differ from (ordinary) clauses by allowing conjunctions of literals in the role of (ordinary) literals, i.e. they are dis-junctions of conjunctions of simple literals. An advantage of this clausal form is that implications with conjunctive conclusions or disjunc-tive premises are not split into multiple clauses. An extension of Lovelands(More)
The LILOG knowledge representation system is part of LEU/2 - the LILOG Experimentier Umgebung<sup>1</sup> - a natural language understanding system for German. The knowledge representation system comprises a sophisticated knowledge representation system comprises a sophisticated knowledge representation language based on order-sorted predicate logic(More)
The L , , , knowledge representation language and an inference engine to interpret it have been developed as part of the LILOG project, where now concepts for understanding natural-language texts were investigated. L, , , , is a typed predicate logic whose type system has adopted the concepts of KL-One-like languages. Further language constructs allow the(More)