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Sonographic images of the vocal cords were obtained in 41 healthy human subjects using a phased array realtime ultrasound scanner. The thyroid cartilage provides the acoustic window for sonographic visualization of the vocal cords. The false vocal cords appear as hyperechoic structures, while the true vocal cords are seen as hypoechoic structures. The(More)
Spontaneous extracranial pneumatoceles unassociated with trauma are rare. We report a case of spontaneous extracranial mastoid pneumatocele associated with exuberant pneumatization of the calvarium and mastoid. The patient presented with a compressible bulge over the base of the zygoma and superior to the pinna. Surgical exploration demonstrated a large air(More)
In September of 2004, we investigated 7 cases of post-myelography meningitis. Streptococcal species were recovered from blood or cerebrospinal fluid in all cases. Our findings suggest that droplet transmission of the oral flora of the clinician performing the procedure was the most likely source of these infections. The Centers for Disease Control and(More)
Cerebral ischemia and infarction have been produced in the Rhesus monkey using an autologous clot embolization technique. Preliminary findings suggest that cerebral arteriography may be used to study experimental cerebral infarction and ischemia, and the resulting cerebral edema and also that cerebral arteriography may be used as a tool for the evaluation(More)
The myelograms of 60 acutely injured patients were reviewed. Positive contrast material (Pantopaque) was preferred in cervical and thoracic trauma manifesting bony deformity, in cervical trauma without bony deformity (in the prone position), in delineating the thoracic spinal cord in the frontal projection, and in lumbar spinal injuries. Negative contrast(More)
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