Toni Adriano

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The field of medical, molecular diagnostics has grown rapidly over the last few years, becoming increasingly informative to both clinician and patient. As genes associated with specific diseases have been discovered and sequenced, many genotype-phenotype relationships have been defined. For those genetic diseases with associated, defined, gene mutations,(More)
Fluorescent-dye-labeled oligonucleotides are used in many procedures, including DNA sequencing, PCR, restriction mapping, the study of genetic disease, and forensics identification. In this paper, we describe detailed methods for the synthesis, purification, and quantification of 5'-fluorescent-dye-labeled oligonucleotides. The relationship of specific and(More)
Embedded systems are becoming ubiquitous and are subject to demanding standards in both safety and reliability. Modern vehicles, which must respect ISO 26262 standards, use up to 100 Electronic Control Unit (ECUs). Advances in microelectronics enable integration of more functions in the ECU, but at the cost of greater unreliability in hostile operating(More)
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