Tongzhou Wang

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A novel label-free method based on breathing-induced vapor condensation was developed for detection of genetic point mutation. The dew-inspired detection was realized by integration of target-induced DNA ligation with rolling circle amplification (RCA). The vapor condensation induced by breathing transduced the RCA-amplified variances in DNA contents into(More)
A sensitive and high resolution small animal in vivo imaging system using upconversion nanoparticles (UNPs) and microarrays was developed. The fluorescence tomography using UNPs could achieve higher precision than that using ordinary fluorophores, which was theoretically explained by the finite element method (FEM). Given the autofluorescence-insensitive(More)
This paper aims at presenting a method to lower the power consumption of the wireless home sensory and controlling systems. To realize it, we put forward a new network layer called “Pithur”, which is based on IEEE 802.15.4 and can extend the battery life to 7~9 times than that of a Zigbee network, at the cost of lower performance and longer(More)
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