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—There are many auxiliaries with high rotating speed in a power plant, such as pumps, fans, motors and so on. To warrant their safe and reliable operation, their state of vibration has to be monitored. But because of their scattered location, the traditional way of online monitoring with shielded cable connections is costly and work expensive and the(More)
For observing thousands of celestial bodies simultaneously, 4000 nodes with an alveolate distribution on the focal plate of 1.75m in diameter are used in Large Sky Area Multi-Object Fiber Spectroscopy Telescope (LAMOST). In this paper, a novel fiber positioning control method based on ZigBee PRO was proposed for LAMOST fiber positioning. Compared with(More)
Environment Changes due to temperature, humidity, wind loading and so on can affect the performance of a large telescope. The real-time information of environment change must be got in order to exert control, reduce or eliminate the adverse effects of environment changes on the large telescope. A novel method of environment monitoring for a large telescope(More)
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