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In the narrow mineral well tunnel,it is very important to localize for rescuing. Because Markov localization algorithm need a lot of memory space and calculation, and Kalman filter localization algorithm can not localize for robot again after localization invalidation, based on analyzing the characteristic of Monte Carlo, combining the demand of robot(More)
This paper presents fault diagnosis method in aluminum electrolysis based on Modified Elman Neural Network. According to the mechanism of fault occurring in aluminum electrolysis, time and type of fault is determined by neural network. Simulation results show that the fault diagnosis method based on Modified Elman Neural Network can predict fault during(More)
During production and usage of plexiglas, the partial nicks often appear on the surface. If grinding and polishing technology is not suitable, the margins of partial processing fields are uneven after grinding and polishing. Thus, optical aberration phenomenon may emerge, which influences vision effect. Taking the partial nicks on the surface of plexiglas(More)
In this paper, the forecasting algorithm employs wavelet function to replace sigmoid function in the hidden layer of Back-Propagation Neural Network. And a Wavelet Neural Network prediction model is established to predict Anode Effect (the most typical fault) through forecasting the change rate of cell resistance. The authors have developed forecasting(More)
In this paper, the fundamental concept of CIMS (Computer Integrated Manufacturing Systems) is introduced, and the basic structure based on the BPS (Business Planning System) /MES(Manufacturing Execution System)/ PCS (Process Control System)of CIMS is described. The functional design on the BAS(Building Automatic System) of subways is developed, and analyzes(More)
The mine rescue robot can use the visual system to obtain the information of fire site, and real-time transmit the information and image of site. This paper builds the mobile robot platform, and obtained the fire image using the visual system of this mobile robot. Then an edge detection algorithm of flame image based on wavelet module maxima is proposed.(More)