Tongxin Wang

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Simple solution analysis of the formation mechanism of complex BaSO(4) fiber bundles in the presence of polyacrylate sodium salt, via a bioinspired approach, is reported. Titration of the polyacrylate solution with Ba(2+) revealed complex formation and the optimum ratio of Ba(2+) to polyacrylate for a slow polymer-controlled mineralization process. This is(More)
Crystallization of calcite from differently concentrated calcium chloride solutions by the CO2 gas diffusion technique in the presence of polystyrene sulfonate yields crystal superstructures with unusual morphology. From the typical calcite rhombohedra as a starting situation, the morphology can be systematically varied via rounded edges and truncated(More)
Transferrin receptor (TfR) is overexpressed in human head and neck squamous cell carcinomas (HNSCCs). This study was carried out to investigate the feasibility of imaging HNSCC by targeting TfR using near-infrared fluorescent transferrin conjugate (TfNIR). Western blot analysis of four HNSCC cell lines revealed overexpression of TfR in all four lines(More)
Bragg grating in a single-mode photosensitive polymer optical fiber (POF) with benzil dimethyl ketal (BDK)-doped in core has been inscribed through the Sagnac ring interference method. The Bragg wavelength of grating is about 1570nm. The stress and strain response of fiber Bragg grating (FBG) has been studied respectively. By fitting the experimental(More)
There have been few reports evaluating the expression and function of the microRNA miR-212 in esophageal cancer. The aim of this study was to investigate the relationship between miR-212 expression and clinicopathological factors and prognoses of esophageal cancer. MicroRNA was extracted from 46 esophageal cancer patients using the Taqman MicroRNA assay.(More)
Activation of the immune system in the central nervous system and oxidative stress play important roles in traumatic brain injury (TBI)-induced cognitive impairment. Rhamnetin possesses anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidative properties. This study aimed to detect the possible effects of rhamnetin on cognitive deficit, hippocampal inflammatory factors, and(More)
The formation mechanisms of complex BaSO(4) fiber bundles and cones in the presence of polyacrylate sodium salt via a bioinspired approach at ambient temperature in an aqueous environment are reported. These complex organic-inorganic hybrid structures assemble after heterogeneous nucleation of amorphous precursor particle aggregates on polar surfaces, and(More)
Addition of filler to polylactic acid (PLA) may affect its crystallization behavior and mechanical properties. The effects of talc and hydroxyapatite (HA) on the thermal and mechanical properties of two types of PLA (one amorphous and one semicrystalline) have been investigated. The composites were prepared by melt blending followed by injection molding.(More)
Nanocrystal superstructures of barium carbonate (BaCO(3)) which exhibit unusual morphologies are obtained by the carbon dioxide vapor diffusion technique in the presence of poly(ethylene oxide)-block-eicosa aspartate (PEO-b-Asp(20)). The highly effective bioconjugate acts as a crystal growth modifier over a broad range of concentrations. Instead of commonly(More)