Tongxiao Catherine Zhang

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We have developed a phylogenetic tree reconstruction method that detects and reports multiple topologically distant low-cost solutions. Our method is a generalization of the neighbor-joining method of Saitou and Nei and affords a more thorough sampling of the solution space by keeping track of multiple partial solutions during its execution. The scope of(More)
Theoretical Constructs Items Quality of PPRs PPR1: In general, most items on this list match my preferences very well. PPR2: In general, most items on this list fit my tastes very well. PPR3: In general, most items on this list are interesting to me. Website Knowledge WBKN1: I always know where I can find the products/information I am looking for at(More)
—This paper is concerned with a new concept of avoidance manipulability inspired from manipulability. The ma-nipulability represents the ability to generate velocity at the tip of each link without any designated hand task. The avoidance manipulability represents the shape-changeability (avoidance ability) of each intermediate link when a prior hand task is(More)
The shakeup in e-commerce gives us an opportunity to reevaluate the effectiveness of various business strategies in this electronic revolution. This study investigates the strategies adopted by 125 online retailers in the PDA market during the period between July 2001 and December 2002, including economies of scale, developing first-mover or multichannel(More)
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