Tonguç Sülün

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OBJECTIVE The purpose of this study was to evaluate temporomandibular joint morphology and to compare possible structural variations in the temporomandibular joint anatomy of symptomatic anterior disk displacement patients with possible structural variations in the temporomandibular joint anatomy of symptom-free volunteers. STUDY DESIGN Fifty-six(More)
OBJECTIVE One of the primary aspects of complete denture prosthodontics is determining the correct proportion for the maxillary central incisor width to the lateral incisor width. It has been suggested that the anatomy of the patient's nose is a reliable guide for deciding this ratio. The aim of this study was to test the hypothesis about the relationship(More)
BACKGROUND Facial measurements are frequently used to determine OVD. However, the reliability of neither the method nor the chosen landmarks has been cleared yet. OBJECTIVE This study compares the reliability of two facial measurements, subnasal (SN) to chin (C) and tip of the nose (TN) to C, for determining occlusal vertical dimension (OVD). MATERIALS(More)
The fracture of acrylic resin dentures is an unresolved problem in removable prosthodontics despite many efforts to determine its cause. Unfavourable occlusion could be playing an important role in the fracture of the denture. The aim of this study was to investigate the effect of occlusal contact localization on the stress distribution in complete(More)
The purpose of this study was to evaluate the possible structural variations of axial condyle morphology and horizontal condylar angle between patients with internal derangement and asymptomatic volunteers. Forty-five symptomatic patients and 31 asymptomatic volunteers (AV) were included in this study. All subjects had bilateral high-resolution magnetic(More)
PURPOSE A new light curing urethane dimethacrylate and a cold curing resin with simpler and faster laboratory procedures may have even improved flexural properties. This study investigated the 3-point flexural strengths and flexural moduli of two alternate base materials. MATERIALS AND METHODS A cold curing resin (Weropress) and a light curing urethane(More)
Epilepsy has direct negative effects on sufferers' general dental condition and oral health, both of which are further affected by inadequate oral hygiene; poor oral hygiene itself is often also caused by epilepsy-related poor health. Consequently , tooth loss, caries and periodontal disease occur increasingly often in epilepsy sufferers and they need more(More)
The absence of posterior occlusal contacts may result in increased anterior occlusal contacts and forces between natural mandibular dentition and artificial maxillary dentition. The impact of natural mandibular anterior teeth on the development of hypermobile tissues in the anterior part of the edentulous maxillary alveolar ridge was investigated in this(More)
OBJECTIVE The direction and amount of retrusive movement may be correlated with the amount of joint space and the maximum intercuspal position of the condyle. The aim of this study was to identify any such correlation using an ultrasonic jaw motion analyzer and digital volumetric tomographic (DVT) scans. METHODS Thirty-five dental students were selected(More)
This study investigates the wear resistance of four different types of occlusal splint materials based on two-body wear simulations under wet and dry conditions. Twenty specimens of each splint material (Dentalon Plus, Orthoplast, Biocryl C, and Eclipse), each with a diameter of 16 mm and a thickness of 3 mm, were tested, half under wet and half under dry(More)