Tongtong Men

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Rates of childhood cancer between 1981 and 1990 in the 4 administrative zones of Kazakhstan were studied to assess the relationship, if any, with distance from nuclear testing sites. Risk of various cancers among children aged 14 years or younger were estimated in relation to distance from (1) a site where testing in air was performed before 1963, (2) a(More)
  • M Rykov, T Men
  • 2014
Aim: To estimate patterns and trends of childhood soft tissue sarcomas (STS) in Russia with respect to incidence and mortality data. Methods: The analysis was based on annual reports of Ministry of Health and Federal State Statistics Service on cases, deaths and person-years by gender, age, calendar year and region. Age-specific and age-adjusted rates were(More)
Land use and land cover change have been of great concern in global change research in recent years. Base on comparison with the remote sensing data in1982 and 2000 and field investigation, the results of land cover and land use change were obtained by the method of landscape analysis. Ten types of land use were identified: riparian woods, riparian(More)
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