Tongshun Fan

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The improved control algorithm in central air conditioning control system is discussed in this paper. Based on a number of practical projects, a primary theory model of expert fuzzy logic controller is established. The expert control ideal is applied in the framework design process of the air conditioning control system. The boundaries of membership(More)
Variable air volume (VAV) air conditioning control system is widely used in recent years because of its energy saving property. The application of LonWorks intelligent control network in VAV system is a new technology worthy to be concerned. In this paper, a practical project is introduced to well explain the development method of VAV system with LonWorks(More)
Firstly the operation principle of Variable Air Volume air conditioning control system is discussed. Then combining with a developing example of a large project, the designing and connecting method of LonWorks intelligent control network is introduced. Under the LonWorks technology framework, the develop process using the particular platform and tools is(More)
Analysis thinking of MAS is introduced to the complex process control system composed of multi-fieldbus in this paper. Agent classes with different functions are abstracted from the control system, and the distributed MAS model with parallel algorithm characteristic based on OPC protocol is established. The collaboration control mechanism is expressed using(More)
Numerical Computation Lecture focusing on understanding the fundamental mathematical concepts and mastering problem-solving skills using numerical methods is an important lecture in colleges whose knowledge are hard to understand and master for most students. Scilab, famous open-source scientific computation software, can be used to test algorithms or to(More)
Scilab is a free open-source mathematical software package for scientific computation. It includes hundreds of general purpose and specialized functions for numerical computation which is organized in libraries called toolboxes that cover such as simulation, optimization, systems and control, and signal processing. Scicos is a Scilab package for modeling(More)
How to make a faster and more efficient task assignment is a hot issue in the multi-UAVs coordination area, by using the Tactical Digital Information Links (TADILs) to share and exchange combat information in modern aerial warfare. Due to the shortage of traditional contract net, a filter model is proposed according to the negotiation mechanism of contract(More)
This paper explains the concept of interface circuit design and VXI bus technology, discusses in detail the development process of general interface adapter in the digital circuit fault diagnosis system based on a project of research on automatic detecting and interface technology in missile launch and control system completed by author recently, presents a(More)
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